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Entries for December 2013
One Year In The Life Of PortalPanel

PortalPanel is more than one year old but last year was the year when PortalPanel got out of its cradle and could take some major steps towards maturity. At the beginning of 2013, PortalPanel started to offer its users a professional bookmarking service. This service even in its primary form was appraised by many users to be a very powerful online bookmarking tool.  PortalPanel bookmarking service went through some massive improvements, a few of which went undetected by some users. Adding the ability of watching You Tube and Vimeo clips on PortalPanel environment was one of them. This ability helped users to have their own list of favorite You Tube and Vimeo clips without the need of opening a new account on YouTube or Vimeo.  PortalPanel also offered smart link recognition service. This service allowed users to check updates of specific items on eBay and Amazon without the need for direct click on these websites. PortalPanel used the same service to allow users to save links from IMDB and Rotten Tomato as well.

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