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Entries for August 2013
PortalPanel and Gavin, my childhood hero

I love books. As a child I became tearful when I saw books being burnt in Francois Truffaut’s Fahrenheit 451Like many adults I also enjoy watching some of my childhood cartoons that with today’s technological standards look like antediluvian!

Long ago at a time when we were not all mesmerized by the Internet, in a land where one still had to walk to bookstores to buy paper books, I read a storybook. The story was about Gavin, a decent normal father who happened to be a hero in a battle with no antihero. I could not remember the name of the book or the entire story. I searched the Internet for Gavin but all to no avail. This triggered a search for my other favorite childhood stories. Myths and Legends of Vietnam, Russian Fairy Tales and Stories of Giants were some of them. To my surprise I could find them all and all for free!

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