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Entries for June 2014
Online web bookmarking reinvented- Create subfolder

PortalPanel came out of a genuine need for an advanced online bookmarking application that allows users to have access to their favourite websites on the go.

With an increasing number of users using and joining this service, expectations increase as well. PoralPanel users have so far been able to organize and save their favorite websites in as many folders as that they wanted. This meant that users could virtually create an individual folder for any subject of interest. They could then save, move or copy links to their favorite websites in those folders.

While there are never two completely identical subjects anywhere, there are many folder subjects that share a common theme and nature. Imagine that you have several folders for your YouTube links. One dedicated to your favourite music clips, and another to your favorite funny clips. With the former version of PortalPanel users had to create two individual folders for each theme. This resulted in users creating tens of folders that could through time cause a bit of confusion.  

The new version of PortalPanel has solved this problem by incorporating the subfolder structure in to the already existing structure.


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