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How to create an Instagram album On PortalPanel.

With an amazing number of over 150 million members and even more than that viewers, Instagram became another jaw dropping phenomenon on the Internet and social networking arena.  There was nothing new about the idea of photo sharing on the Internet and many made it real but Instagram made it ripe, mature and popular; a leap forward that others failed to take. Instagram made the journey between a single photo shoot and the Internet easy and quick and in the age of smart phones and simple clicks what is better than combining photo shooting with social networking. Therefore Instagram connected every single picture to a single web link and uploaded that instantly on Internet to be viewed by a vast network of people.

We said link and if we are “the best” at one thing in PortalPanel, that single thing would be “link”. PortalPanel is obsessed with links, with saving them, organizing them and interacting with them. PortalPanel started with allowing its users to bookmark links to their favorite websites in simple but advanced folders. Then it took the bar higher and allowed them to receive links together with their relevant information through its advanced RSS reader. At the next stop, it took another service on board and that was Smart Link Recognition. This service allowed users to save links to YouTube and Vimeo clips and play them in PortalPanel environment. It also provided users with an interactive connection between Rotten Tomato, E-bay and Amazon item-specific links. However this was not the end of these series of services. Our loyal users’ support encouraged us to go even further and we have now brought Instagram to this service too. PortalPanel recognized that users cannot always be logged in to their Instagram account. Therefore there was a need for them to be able to access their photographs whenever they wanted without the need of being on Instagram. Moreover there are an increasing number of bosses at work place who frown upon seeing the logo of social networking sites on the employees’ monitors even when they are on their breaks. Therefore what is better than having a homepage that allows you to sneak in your favorite photo folders at times?

The method is simple. All PortalPanel users need to do is creating a folder or folders with the name of the photo album(s) that they want, for example “My Instagram album”.  Each Instagram photo is defined by a URL link. Users need to bookmark these links in that folder.  The result would be a photo folder with thumbnails of these links. Whenever the user wants to view these photos he just needs to go to that folder and click on the middle of any thumbnail. This would open a small “Link-Info” window that contains some information about that photo. From here things start to be different and interesting. Simply click on the image on that window and Instagram photos will be displayed as a large photo with two arrows on sides that take the user to the next or last image.

At PortalPanel we rely on your feedback and ideas. Help us with your comments. We try to take your ideas on board as much as we can. 

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