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The All New Weather Widget and Calendar Setting

At PortalPanel we constantly look at ways and means of improving your productivity by better planning and organization. PortalPanel weather widget has recently got a major improvement. All users can now have access to five day weather forecast with minimum and maximum temperature for each day.However we have not kept things limited just to adding five more days to your planning days. For real planning you can go to our calendar which has been quoted by many to be one of the best and most user friendly calendars available on line. The new changes on calendar, allow users to go to their account settings page and simply change the calendar default view to weekly or monthly.

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Plan Your Days Better with New and Improved Calendar App

To be perfectly honest with you, we find the calendar app a little bit controversial and experimental part of PortalPanel (and apparently it’s a good thing). When designing it, we were well aware it may be considered redundant, especially among tech-savvy, app-consuming, business-oriented users. Expecting that thousands will flock to it and switch from Outlook, Google Calendar or other well established app to our pretty little thing would be naïve, and we’re anything but.

However, we’re very pleased with initial numbers. Approximately every third Portal Panel user is regularly utilizing the calendar app. Whether this is because of its genius design or killer layout (alright, alright, just a slight exaggeration), some of you seem to love it.

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