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Entries for October 2013
How to import your Google web bookmarks into PortalPanel

Thinking of how and where to import your google bookmarks after Igoogle shuts down? 

Portalpanel, as one of the best alternatives to Igoogle, among its many useful features provides you with the best solution to import your google bookmarks.

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PortalPanel, an excellent alternative to iGoogle

Google has recently announced its plan to shut down a few of its many services.  This is happening despite user’s request to keep them running.   iGoogle is among services that is planned to come to its end in less than a month after being in service since 2005.

Although all available alternatives to iGoogle provide a common platform for web search, access to social networking sites, and other features such as calendar but very few decided to go beyond the boundaries and standards defined and set by iGoogle.

Portalpanel is one of those that came in with a new vision and perspective to online bookmarking with a unique integration in design and the applicability of its different features in a very user friendly environment. 

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