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The All New Weather Widget and Calendar Setting

Have you ever gone fishing in the rain or have you ever gone camping in a harsh weather. Let's be simple.... have you ever ruined a plan simply because you failed to check the weather?   Probably yes.

At PortalPanel we constantly look at ways and means of improving your productivity by better planning and organization. Many believe that PortalPanel is a simple yet advanced platform for such purpose. Of all the facilities and tools that it offers to its users, weather widget has always remained a friendly weather sign on top of the homepage. This modest simple widget went through subtle changes as PortalPanel grew and matured.

This widget has recently got a major improvement. All users can now have access to five day weather forecast with minimum and maximum temperature for each day. A click on the right lower corner of the widget would open the five day weather forecast window. For more detailed 24 hour report they can click on the Yahoo Weather sign on the top left hand corner of the widget and this would take them to the actual Yahoo weather page which is one of the most reputable weather pages in the world. Users can always have access to weather report for any location in the world by clicking on the Widget setting and changing the location. 

 This cannot be any easier. However we have not kept things limited just to adding five more days to your planning days. For real planning you can go to our calendar which has been quoted by many to be one of the best and most user friendly calendars available on line.


Until now calendar users had only one default view option on their first click and that was daily view. The new changes allow users to go to their account settings page and simply change the calendar default view to weekly or monthly. The more interesting feature is here. If you change your view to weekly or monthly the weather forecast report will accompany you there as well. Users can see five day weather forecast symbol on each day box and as they hover their cursor over the weather symbol it will give them a summary of how weather and temperature would be. 

PortalPanel made a promise to be a page to rule them all. We try our best but this promise could only come true from a cumulative intelligence which could be found in every feedback you leave us with. For a better homepage at PortalPanel,  email us your views. 

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