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Entries for March 2013
How You Use PortalPanel and What it Means for its Future

Most members of PortalPanel use it to bookmark their web finds; links that lead to the content that is new to them (as opposed to frequently visited websites). These links are stored for later retrieval; oftentimes, users are clearly doing a research about a topic or a project. This is where browser bookmarking capabilities are very limited; from poor visualization to rigid organizational structure, browsers are not capable of providing an enjoyable experience for such a type of bookmarking; PortalPanel is and it delivers.

Interestingly enough, an absolute majority of members also have a set of bookmarked links (approximately 4-10 of them) that they visit very often. These are popular websites like YouTube, news outlets like BBC or CNN and services like Netflix. All they have to do is keep visiting these websites from their browser—It will remember their habits and will provide them with suggestions via autocomplete; and yet so many PortalPanel members (almost 80%) have links of this particular type bookmarked utilizing the app.

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