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Entries for April 2013
Video Bookmarks: YouTube Revolution

portalpanel youtube linkToday, I’d like to kick off the series of posts with the most exciting, most useful and arguably coolest feature to date: video bookmarking.

This feature is part of smart link recognition, which is a fancy term of saying that PortalPanel can now distinguish between a link to your favorite news website and a link to your favorite band’s video on YouTube or Vimeo.

What’s so smart about it and why we call it a revolution? Because we’re crazy enough to believe that we’re on to something that might as well revolutionize (in our little two cent way) how people consume and share videos. And here’s why (a hint: it has something to do with bookmarking).

Our users are now able to bookmark and play YouTube and Vimeo videos on their PortalPanel account. In addition, they can share the videos on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn directly from the same window without having to go back to YouTube or Vimeo. This is huge!

# # #

An update: 04/27/2013

There's another benefit of bookmarking your videos on PortalPanel: you can play them ads free. There are no guarantees this will last forever, but at the time of this post, all videos that we tested played ads free on PortalPanel even though they contained ads when played back on YouTube. Consider it a bonus and enjoy it while it lasts.

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