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Plan Your Days Better with New and Improved Calendar App

To be perfectly honest with you, we find the calendar app a little bit controversial and experimental part of PortalPanel (and apparently it’s a good thing). When designing it, we were well aware it may be considered redundant, especially among tech-savvy, app-consuming, business-oriented users. Expecting that thousands will flock to it and switch from Outlook, Google Calendar or other well established app to our pretty little thing would be naïve, and we’re anything but.

However, we’re very pleased with initial numbers. Approximately every third Portal Panel user is regularly utilizing the calendar app. Whether this is because of its genius design or killer layout (alright, alright, just a slight exaggeration), some of you seem to love it.

On a serious note, we’re truly excited and genuinely happy to realize that so many of you seem to use the tool and find it worth your time. This inspired us to continue improving the app instead of leaving it alone and concentrating only on online/social bookmarking aspect of PortalPanel.

The newest wave of updates brought some changes to the calendar app as well. The most significant update is a brand new Notes section.

Initially, the app featured two types of entries: Appointments and To-Do Tasks. We got some praises in regards to the latter, since some calendar apps only provide an option of scheduled events/appointments.

The Notes section is just a neat blank area on the right-hand side of the calendar app. It allows users to enter and save notes up to 500 characters long. We’re pretty sure almost all of you found yourself (at least once or twice) reaching for a piece of paper to jot something down only to find that you live in a truly paperless environment (whether it’s because you’re very environmentally conscious or simply because your girlfriend/boyfriend managed to use all the paper in the printer and didn’t bother to re-load the damn thing).

Planning your busy days and making notes kind of go together pretty well, in our opinion. So, from now on, you will be able to right down anything you wish next to your appointments and to-do tasks. Whether you have your calendar open in a daily, weekly or monthly mode, you will always be able to see your notes in the same convenient spot.

A few things to remember. You got to hit “Save here” before exiting the app in order for your pearls of wisdom to be saved. Anything in the Notes section can be copied to clipboard, converted into an appointment or a to-do task using respective icons on the bottom of the blank area. Once again, don’t forget to highlight the subject text… otherwise, nothing will happen.

We hope you are going to enjoy this new addition to the Calendar App. As always, feel free to leave your feedback about the app on our blog. You can leave a comment on the bottom of this post or in the feedback section.

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