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PortalPanel and Gavin, my childhood hero

I love books. As a child I became tearful when I saw books being burnt in Francois Truffaut’s Fahrenheit 451. Like many adults I also enjoy watching some of my childhood cartoons that with today’s technological standards look like antediluvian!

Long ago at a time when we were not all mesmerized by the Internet, in a land where one still had to walk to bookstores to buy paper books, I read a storybook. The story was about Gavin, a decent normal father who happened to be a hero in a battle with no antihero. I could not remember the name of the book or the entire story. I searched the Internet for Gavin but all to no avail. This triggered a search for my other favorite childhood stories. Myths and Legends of Vietnam, Russian Fairy Tales and Stories of Giants were some of them. To my surprise I could find them all and all for free!

This time I had no intention of letting these childhood memories abandon me again. I decided to have them with me wherever I went and to read them whenever I wanted. So I opened a folder in my PortalPanel homepage and called it Sweetest Childhood Memories. Although the search for Gavin did not reach anywhere but I managed to find and bookmark over 35 links to stories and cartoon clips that I had read or watched in my childhood.

This folder is now like a little expanding library shelf. Instead of old books with antique looks and brittle pages I have links to pages with same contents and instead of old 8 mm films and videotapes I have YouTube and Vimeo clips nested into my bookmark thumbnails. This is possibly the best folder of bookmarked links in my PortalPanel page. The only thing that is missing is the scent of old papers. The same scent that fills your lungs when you turn the pages of old and antique books.

Today I watched a few episodes of Dastardly and Muttley and Deputy Dawg.  It was great but where is Gavin?  Does anybody know Gavin?

What you read was an email that one of our members emailed us. PortalPanel is committed to provide its users with the best service that they deserve and expect from a website that claims to be the best alternative to iGoogle and Google reader. Our services are free and safe. What will keep us going is your feedback and support. Join our club and enjoy a page that truly claims to be “one page to rule them all”. 

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