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Get the Most of Your Web Bookmarking App

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, the old adage goes. If the above is true, I wonder how much words a video is worth. What about an entire video channel? It has to be worth something, right? Just to clarify, we’re not talking about the monetary value; rather, we’re referring to the value the channel provides to our existing and future users.

From its inception, PortalPanel has maintained a YouTube channel. Initially it featured just a brief introduction about the application. Currently, we have 11 professionally produced active videos… and counting. The videos range from 35 seconds (yes, talk about valuing your time!) to just under 10 minutes. So there’s a clip for everyone, even if you have just a minute to spare.

What’s in the videos for you? Everything! From a simple ‘how to’ that covers a process of setting up an account to a recently updated showcase video to separate videos on the most popular PortalPanel features such as our very own RSS reader “News Portal.” The YouTube channel provides vital information for new users and keeps existing users up-to-date.

PortalPanel is a simple and intuitive bookmarking app and RSS reader. The learning curve is virtually non-existent, so there’s no need for a user guide or any kind of lengthy documentation. Videos in our YouTube channel serve as a user guide, ‘how to’ assistant and (let’s be honest) catchy and shareable commercials.

If you’ve never visited our YouTube channel, we hope this blog post will encourage you to do so. While you’re there, make sure you subscribe to our channel and hit “like” next to the videos that you enjoyed.

Speaking of videos… there’s one more section that I wish all of you took time to visit. I cannot stress enough how important our Virtual Tour section is! It can be found on the PortalpPanel’s home page (if you’re logged in, it’s kind of hidden—look for it in the footer).

If you skipped it as a new user, it’s imperative that you come back and at least skim through it. It’s not a collection of videos per se, but a user-controlled slideshow explaining in detail all the components of PortalPanel. It’s very eye-pleasing, easy to watch and packs tons of information on how to get the most of the free online bookmarking app and RSS reader. In fact, I would start from the Virtual Tour and then jump to the PortalPanel’s YouTube channel.

Wishing you the best user experience and happy watching!

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