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PortalPanel, an excellent alternative to iGoogle

Google has recently announced its plan to shut down a few of its many services.  This is happening despite user’s request to keep them running.   iGoogle is among services that is planned to come to its end in less than a month after being in service since 2005.

Although all available alternatives to iGoogle provide a common platform for web search, access to social networking sites, and other features such as calendar but very few decided to go beyond the boundaries and standards defined and set by iGoogle.

Portalpanel is one of those that came in with a new vision and perspective to online bookmarking with a unique integration in design and the applicability of its different features in a very user friendly environment. 

PortalPanel’s distinctive feature is its focus on designing a page that allows users to have immediate access to their favorite day to day websites alongside those that they need “just in case”.  Web links could be saved in an indefinite number of folders and could be separately locked for extra security using a separate password.

A visually harmonic use of widgets to access some of the most favorite social networking sites together with the iconic location of Google search bar in its normal place make PortalPanel a new yet easy to understand panel. An ideal page to be anybody’s homepage.

PortalPanel’s four major applications are:

1)    Homepage which includes, the social network widgets, bookmarking section and RSS reader widget.

2)    Calendar page which has a practical look at daily organization. It enables users to have a daily, weekly and monthly glimpse on events and appointments that they make with a reminder of their choice. It also allows group appointment email sending facility.

3)    NewsPortal which is PortalPanel’s RSS reader. This will allow the user to access the updated news of their selected websites on their homepage and share or bookmark them.

4)    A useful, well categorized archive of websites of different countries.

Success is almost impossible if the elements leading you to it are not organized. Portalpanel has been designed to provide a well adapted tool for this purpose. However no tool would last forever unless it is open to changes and allows evolution. PortalPanel is not immune to this golden rule either and that is why you will soon hear more from PortalPanel and its features.

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