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Search Results without the Influence of Ad Dollars

PortalPanel library pageIn the search world, money decides who makes it to the top of search engine results and who remains buried amongst more than 4 billion of active websites.

If we take any highly competitive keyword, we’re going to see the same web traffic pattern: paid results at the top; followed by the results from the professionally optimized websites, news aggregators and news portals (reaching the 1st page of Google for a competitive keyword requires top dollar); truly amazing and informative websites that rank somewhat high, go afterwards; then the rest of the web content, stretching ad infinitum.

Most of the web content remains completely irrelevant and unseen by majority of web users, with the exception of some moving up the search totem pole thanks to its shareability on social networks, a favorable mention of a celebrity or similar random acts of digital gods.

This is not the best environment for academic research or any research, for that matter. This is why PortalPanel has its Library app designed to help anyone looking for reliable, well-organized, and completely unbiased information. If you haven’t tried the Library app, you should definitely give it a shot.

So, what is the PortalPanel’s Library App? It’s an old-fashioned (in the best way possible) information repository organized by country, region and/or state, and category. There are 24 categories, ranging from banks to travel, from car rental to local news, from sports to universities and government institutions.

Each entry is hand-picked by our lead developers and content curators. Most entries are public institutions, the rest are reliable private entities. Each of them is on the list because we decided that our users are most likely to benefit from their services, not because they’re paying us ad dollars. There’s no paid search or paid rankings whatsoever! The results can be sorted either alphabetically or by popularity (if enough users click on the ‘like’ button and like a listing).

Information is organized in a fashion typical to PortalPanel: blocks of entries that display each entity’s logo and a title. Users can click on the title to go directly to the home page of the subject listing or they can click ‘Bookmark’ button to call a standard new bookmark window. No annoying paid search results, no hypertext craziness; just familiar blocks of pure information.

Let’s say you live in California and you’re looking for information on public health issues, but you’re not sure which department or office has the information you need or is responsible for a particular area of public health. Easy! Go to Library, select your country, your state, and then select Executive Branch.

You will find all branches of local government, including various departments, boards, and services. Scroll through the easy-to-read list and you’ll realize that Californian bureaucracy just got a little bit more manageable.

Tired of the same local news source that you’ve been relying on for years? Select News category and you’ll be amazed to see how many local news portals, newspaper websites and other information sources are available in your state.

With the Library App, you can discover and re-discover the internet without the noise of paid search and never-ending hypertextuality. Whether you’re a librarian, a student working on a paper or a transplant looking to get acquainted with your new city, PortalPanel is here to make your (re)search a lot easier.

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