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What's the Best Homepage?

A bookmarking app, video bookmarking tool, calendar, and now RSS reader, PortalPanel has truly grown and matured. Apparently, all the changes and additions have slightly overwhelmed some of our users, especially those new to PortalPanel; as a result, we’re being asked to summarize or provide ‘in-a-nutshell’ description of our app more often than before.  

For some of you, an updated virtual tour may be a good place to get (re)acquainted with the app. Regardless whether the tour alone can sufficiently satisfy your curiosity, consider this post to be our best attempt at answering the following question: What is PortalPanel and how’s is it useful for me?

Free and web-based

PortalPanle is a free web-based application. What it really means is that it costs nothing to use it and if one chooses to give it a shot, nothing needs to be installed or downloaded. Once you create a free account, you can access the app and all the tools it provides from (almost) any computer, laptop, tablet, even mobile phone as long as your device is connected to the internet. In addition to being free, the application is ad-free. We believe that our users deserve an experience free from annoying ads, popups and other pests that tend to ruin perfectly good applications.

4 in 1

PortalPanel is one application that features three rather different tools. You can even call the tools applications as well. We won’t mind. Actually, we’ll be flattered, since we believe that each of them could easily be a stand-alone application.

1. Bookmarking app for your web links and videos

First and foremost, PortalPanel is a bookmarking application. PortalPanel stores, labels and helps organize bookmarks so they can be retrieved for later use any time. The app boasts a unique link scanning feature that produces a picture thumbnail of each bookmarked page. Whether you have five bookmarks in your home folder or five hundred of them organized in fifty folders, nothing jogs memory better than a visual cue. While most web bookmarking apps will display your links as, well, links, PortalPanel will display all your links as pictures.

In addition to bookmarking webpages, PortalPanel allows bookmarking YouTube and Vimeo videos. Just like web links, video bookmarks can also be saved along with unique titles and brief descriptions. From favorite songs to entire concerts, PortalPanel can help you build an entire music collection available at your fingertips, neatly organized and featuring distinctive picture thumbnails.

2. RSS reader

RSS is still the best way to get all the news you want to read, as opposed to ALL the news. Unfortunately, some people find RSS “too techy.” This is where our News Reader comes in. It makes adding and combining all your favorite RSS feeds a breeze, essentially allowing each user to create their own unique news stream, including the ability to customize the way they receive and consume the news. Find out if your favorite news portal or blog supports RSS (most do), copy the link, add it to the list of your RSS feeds in PortalPanel and experience the convenience of one page that rules them all.

3. Calendar App

Well, it’s a calendar. It features killer design; it supports scheduled events as well as to-do tasks and even provides a nice white space to just jot down random thoughts and ideas. It integrates nicely with the rest of the PortalPanel tools, but, of course, you don’t have to use it in order to enjoy the app. Consider it a bonus or an add-on.

4. Library App

If you love research and/or frequent libraries, this is for you. Library app is an old-fashioned (in the best way possible) information repository organized by country, region and/or state, and category. There are 24 categories, ranging from banks to travel, from car rental to local news, from sports to universities and government institutions. Each entry is hand-picked by our lead developers and content curators. Most entries are public institutions, the rest are reliable private entities. Each of them is on the list because we decided that our users are most likely to benefit from their services, not because they’re paying us ad dollars. There’s no paid search or paid rankings whatsoever! The results can be sorted either alphabetically or by popularity (if enough users click on the ‘like’ button and like a listing).

What is the best use for PortalPanel?

The easiest way to fall in love with PortalPanel is to think of it as your home page. Tell your browser that you DEMAND PortalPanel is your home page starting NOW! Think of PortalPanel when you start your desktop or open your laptop in the morning. It smells like morning coffee and bagels; like a new successful day; like a fresh start. ‘Homepage’ is in PortalPanel’s figurative DNA. PortalPanelis your homepage that features all the news you want to read; all the links you want to save and re-visit; all the cool YouTube videos that you may want to share with your friends or post on your business Facebook page.

It’s one page to rule them all; it’s simplicity and convenience packed in the awesome design and delivered at no cost without torturous ads or interruptions.

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