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Entries for January 2013
Who Needs an Online Bookmarking Tool?

When was the last time you stumbled upon an interesting website, found a homepage of a restaurant that you may want to check out in the near future or had your attention captured by an article which may not be appropriate for sharing on Facebook, but you would like to read it sometime soon, in your privacy? Two weeks ago, three days ago, yesterday? And what happened to that website or an article? Most likely, you got distracted by something else on the web and forgot about it right away. You may, however, bookmarked it using your browsers built-in bookmarking tool and blissfully forgot about it as well. Why is so? Because I would bet my money on the fact that you, our dear reader, have tens, if not hundreds of bookmarks saved in your browser and you have no idea what they are about or how to find the right one. I’m sure there are a lot less messy cars zipping through the streets of Chicago than there are messy bookmark sections owned by the good citizens of the same City of Big Shoulders.

Suffice it to say that built-in bookmarking tools are not visual enough, not accessible enough, simply not ORGANIZED enough to provide any service of organizing your bookmarks.

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This Online Bookmarking Tool Also Makes a Perfect Homepage

There is no shortage of online bookmarking tools. And yet we are certain you are going to find a place for PortalPanel in your daily routine of consuming and organizing web content. Why? Because PortalPanel is different. How? Find a few reasons below.

1. PortalPanel panel is free from distractions.

Some online bookmarking tools have grown into monstrous applications and lost their initial purpose in the process. Although PortalPanel features three applications in one (online bookmarking, a unique calendar, and web library), the apps are clearly separated. The homepage is devoted for one thing only: organizing your web finds and providing you with a platform to create a custom web experience. In addition, the application is free to use—no membership plans or upsells.

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Welcome Home

 Welcome to the home of your online home, to be exact. After many, many sleepless nights the newest and coolest free online bookmarking tool with benefits is finally up and running.  In fact, it has been up and running since mid-December, you just didn’t know about it (yet). Now after a few more sleepless nights our blog also went live. If you’re reading this, we’re thrilled that you’re here!

Some online ventures may opt to forgo a blog these days. Here at PortalPanel we believe that free web-based services cannot exist without a dialog and honest input by the very people it serves. Therefore, we did our best to make sure the blog not only looks great, but is also equipped to have a meaningful dialogue with our current users, potential fans, and critics alike.

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