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Entries for February 2013
Our Widgets Got More Social. Follow Suit, Don’t be Shy

Today, we’ll pick up where we’ve left off last time: let’s look into the rest of the features and additions to the only bookmarking service you’ll ever need—PortalPanel.

The newest part to get a complete makeover is the widgets area. All four widgets—Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Yahoo Weather—have been completely reworked to add more functionality, convenience, and some really nice looks too.

We want you to be able to take a full advantage of what the widgets have to offer, so take a minute and read this post. The post also serves as a brief ‘how to’ guide, as most of the widgets will have to be removed and added again in order for the new features to be activated.

All widgets are now sleeker; this way, new features flow as opposed to being crammed into the relatively small area. Each widget is also given a new set of tooltips. If not sure of what the little icons mean, just bring your cursor to the area in question and the tooltip will tell you exactly what the function of each icon is.

Now, let’s take a look at each widget.

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Updates Bring New Features and More Functionality

If you’ve been following our Facebook and Twitter posts (which you should), you probably noticed a series of tips related to new features and improved functionality of PortalPanel. Finally, we got around to providing a summary of major changes and additions. This is the first post of a few to be published within next couple of weeks or so, dedicated for outlining those features.

Most of the improvements where planned from the very beginning and scheduled to be released nearing the end of the Beta stage. (Yes, another milestone is almost reached: very soon we’ll be ready to remove the Beta tagline from our social bookmarking tool!) Others are a direct result of comments and suggestions provided to us by you, our users. As always, thank you for your support and your time! We’re growing because of you and for you!

So, let’s cut to the chase… what’s new?

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Plan Your Days Better with New and Improved Calendar App

To be perfectly honest with you, we find the calendar app a little bit controversial and experimental part of PortalPanel (and apparently it’s a good thing). When designing it, we were well aware it may be considered redundant, especially among tech-savvy, app-consuming, business-oriented users. Expecting that thousands will flock to it and switch from Outlook, Google Calendar or other well established app to our pretty little thing would be naïve, and we’re anything but.

However, we’re very pleased with initial numbers. Approximately every third Portal Panel user is regularly utilizing the calendar app. Whether this is because of its genius design or killer layout (alright, alright, just a slight exaggeration), some of you seem to love it.

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